Celebrity Gene Splicing: How They Made Michael Douglas

A cartoon of three pods with Michael J Fox, Lynne Perrie, and Michael Douglas' heads in them. By Oddball Times

Now and again, we at Oddball Times enjoy letting you the reader, into the inner-workings of the entertainment business. In our brand-spanking-new Celebrity Gene Splicing segment, we’re going to tell you how your favourite stars are made.

Now you may think celebrities are made the old-fashioned way, but you’re wrong. Instead, Hollywood fuses the genes of already famous people within these patent pending time-travelling splice pods you see above. The A-Listers which are created are then sent to the relevant period of time in order to become famous, think of it as The Island meets Timecop.

This week we’re going to show you how Michael Douglas was created. Now you may think that he’s the offspring of actors Kirk Douglas and Diana Dill, but actually he was made by splicing the DNA of Lynne Perrie and Michael J. Fox. Next time you’re watching Romancing The Stone, Basic Instinct, or Streets Of San Francisco, look a little closer. You’ll then see the uncanny similarities between Douglas and the Kes and Back To The Future actors, and once you see the resemblance you’ll be convinced.

We will bring you more secret knowledge from the entertainment world in future posts, but be warned folks, once you see the proof, you can’t un-see it. You’ll be looking at celebs in a whole new way from now on!

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