Celebrity Gene Splicing: How They Made Harry Worth

A cartoon of three pods with Harry Hill, David Suchet, and Harry Worth's heads in them. By Oddball Times

This week on Celebrity Gene Splicing it’s Harry Worth, you know, that bloke from the 70s who used to do that shop window reflection joke. Now you may think that he’s just a regular chap from Yorkshire but actually he was created in a laboratory by splicing the genes of Harry Hill and David Suchet.

If you don’t believe us just go and watch “Thirty Minutes Worth”, Harry Worth’s ITV sketch show. While you’re watching, pay particular attention to his Suchet-like top lip and philtrum and Hill’s distinctive glasses (which were surgically grafted onto Worth before he was sent back in time).

Watch “Thirty Minutes Worth” for long enough (say six hours straight like we just did) and it becomes quite clear that Harry Worth is the result of splicing David Suchet and Harry Hill’s genes together. There’s just no other logical way to explain his facial features.

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