Beyoncé: To Bee Or Not To Bee?

A cartoon of a pot of honey with Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter's face on it. By Oddball Times

This week I am looking into the phenomenon that is The Queen Bee aka Beyonce.

Beyonce is a lady who thinks she is a bee, but to be honest she is greatly lacking in “bee qualities” in my estimation:

Firstly, she doesn’t have a hive, and although she is capable of giving birth to multiple children, she only has three so far. Come on Queen Bee, you need at least a hundred to compete with all the genuine bees out there.

Secondly, she doesn’t produce honey, even her music isn’t produced by her.

Also, there’s no bee keeper looking after her hive, only a lanky gentlemen in shades called Shawn and he doesn’t even wear a bee-keeper’s hat… the amateur!

Maybe Beyonce is a new class of bee that doesn’t lay eggs and doesn’t feed on royal jelly, all I know is that she is not listed in my Bee Encyclopedia. I am furiously flicking through the index and I can’t find a Bee called Yoncé anywhere, I can’t even find one called Sasha Fierce… what’s going on?

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