Celebrity Clone Lab: David Icke And Engelbert Humperdinck

A cartoon of a petri dish with David Icke and Engelbert Humperdinck inside. By Oddball Times

This week in the Celebrity Clone Lab is ex-sports broadcaster, writer, and conspiracy theorist David Icke. If you don’t know, Icke is a clone of singer Engelbert Humperdinck. Just look at the resemblance!

Born in Madras, India, Engelbert moved to Leicester, England when he was aged ten and he later became famous when he released a couple of hit records in the 1970s. Humperdinck is best known for his song “Release Me”, in fact the lyric “please release me, let me go” was written from inside the Clone Laboratory when the keypad lock jammed.

From this satellite lab in Leicester, David Icke was created. Icke is sometimes referred to as “Son Of The Godhead” and that’s because he is literally the offspring of Humperdinck’s head, an easy listening god.

During the cloning process, Engelbert fell asleep in the agar jelly and unfortunately his tan seeped into the growth medium which in turn affected his clone’s mind. That’s the reason why David, Engelbert’s copy receives messages from the spirit world and can see shapeshifting reptilian beings!

Be sure to come back to Oddball Times for more secret information that only we can bring you… from inside the Celebrity Clone Lab!

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