Theresa May: Democracy May Never Have Existed

A caricature of a grey and miserable Theresa May with a cubist influence. By Oddball Times

She may have been born in Sussex.

She may have studied Geography.

She may be married to a bloke called Philip.

She may have a shoe fetish.

She may live in a flat above a terrace house.

She may be scared of snakes.

She may be all these things but she’s not like us.

She grew up in Oxfordshire, she studied at Oxford University, her husband Philip works in finance and she worked for the Bank Of England, her shoes are upward of £200, the flat she occupies is in Downing Street, and despite suffering from ophidiophobia she works with snakes.

Have you ever considered that the Prime Minister, her cabinet, her party, even her opposition and the crown who appointed her are all the same and they may not give a shit about us?

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