Celebrity Clone Lab: Salman Rushdie And Stanley Kubrick

A cartoon of a petri dish with Salman Rushdie and Stanley Kubrick inside. By Oddball Times

This week on Celebrity Clone Lab it’s author Salman Rushdie. If you don’t already know, he’s the clone of filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, just look at the resemblance!

Sal and Stan are known for their controversial art; Salman for his book The Satanic Verses and Stanley for his masterful direction of the moon landings. Another controversial subject surrounding this pair is the fatwa on Rushdie’s head and the alleged bumping off of Kubrick following his film Eyes Wide Shut. But forget all that, the real scandal isn’t assassination, no, the real controversy is the fact that these two are arguably the best examples of celebrity cloning and yet it was all a mistake by the Celebrity Clone Lab.

In a one-off Doctor Moreau-style experiment, the laboratory had originally planned a Kubrick/fish hybrid, but in a hurry due to an impending deadline, the command “Salmon Rush” was mis-typed into the super computer by the lab intern, and the end result was Salman Rushdie!

So now the truth is out; Rushdie is a clone of Kubrick, maybe it’ll all be confirmed when Steven Spielberg ruins one of his creations too.

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