Prince Harry To Marry: How To Nuptially Offset And Omit Racism From History

A cartoon image of a scale with Meghan Markle tipping over the Nazi swastika. By Oddball Times

Once it was officially announced that Prince Harry was to marry Meghan Markle, prejudiced celebs around the world rejoiced! Surely they too could replicate this media-savvy tactic? Apparently one Meghan Markle cancels out one Nazi costume and a few racial slurs, and once a wedding ring is screwed firmly onto that mixed-raced American’s finger, nobody will ever recall those “Paki” and “Raghead” comments that Harry once made. Every time Prince Harry’s name is mentioned from now on, people’s only frame of reference will be the man who brought racial harmony to the royal family, in fact he will now be remembered in all the history books as the prince who ended racism as we know it.

This of course is marvellous news for all celebrity bigots around the world. Rumours have circulated that Paula Dean is now looking for a black husband so she can get back in the good cookbooks with The Food Network. Stars such as Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson are also planning on leaving the women they’re with so they can marry Asian and Jewish women respectively.

If the media and the public can suffer from prejudicial amnesia in regards to Harry, there’s hope out there for all the other famous racists in the world. From Anton Du Beke, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Hulk Hogan, Jesse James, Michael Richards, Shaquille O’Neal to Zab Judah, all these celebrities have to do is follow in the Prince’s footsteps and their public image will be expunged. How utterly fantastic!

One thought on “Prince Harry To Marry: How To Nuptially Offset And Omit Racism From History

  1. Dodi Fayed is desperately trying to pass on a message to Markle from the afterlife. I can’t make it out its written in Arabic and covered in ghost dust.
    It says ‘be.. behead?’ no can’t make it out his hand writing is terrible ‘beware’ yes it says ‘Beware hire a good man’ no, what’s that word? Its mechanic. Ah I got it now it says ‘Beware, hire a good mechanic to keep an eye on yer brakes lass’
    Bloody hell this is terrible Dodi has a Yorkshire accent… hahaaaaa

    Seriously tho… Love this piece I agree with you 100%. People…. Sheeple forget so quickly don’t they?

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