Tom Cruise And Suri Cruise: Mistaken A.I.dentity

A parody of an iPhone advert with Suri Cruise replacing Siri. By Oddball Times

This week I went out to California to meet Tom Cruise. I felt overwhelmed but I managed to ask Tom how it felt to be a father and what it was like to be one of three dads. I was amongst other reporters so I think he didn’t hear me. I continued unperturbed. I asked him when he’d changed his name from Tom Gruber to Tom Cruise… he seemed confused but I carried on. All I wanted to know was what motivated him to team up with Apple and give birth to the world-famous AI personal assistant and whether he was proud of his creation.

Before I even got an answer I was man-handled by two uniformed gentlemen, I think they said they were “Sea Org” but I don’t know what I did to warrant two theme park security guards to rough-house me. I was informed that Tom likes a joke as much as the next man but his daughter is a real person called Suri, and he has nothing whatsoever to do with Siri, who is voiced by Susan Bennett and created through the SRI International A.I. Centre.

Well I tell you, that was embarrassing. Maybe I shouldn’t type so hastily in future but the gosh darn spell check on these iPhone’s still needs some work… Hey Siri, who is Tom Cruise and what on earth is Mission Impossible? Oh well, off to my next interview…

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