Far From The Maddening Crowd: My Interview With Tom Hardy

A cartoon image of actor Tom Hardy dressed as novelist and poet Thomas Hardy. By Oddball Times

Do you know who I saw whilst I was visiting Hammersmith this week? None other than Thomas Hardy! He looked wonderful, some wrinkles but not many for his age. He wasn’t wearing his usual tailcoat, double-breasted vest and wing-tip collar… oh no, not a hat or a pair of gloves in sight. In fact he was in some modern Levis and T-shirt, what a transformation!

Some literary buffs accosted Thomas but were very rude and shouted “Tom”, I assume in their haste to get his attention. I thought to myself; these are not the type of people an English poet and novelist should be keeping company with.

I continued walking as I was late for an interview with the cast of upcoming film “Venom”, I was hoping to get an exclusive but this brouhaha made me so late that I missed it. Oh well, on to my next interview.

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