From Swots to SWAT: The Obvious Solution To Prevent School Shootings

A cartoon illustration of an active school shooter in the rubble of a dismantled school building. By Oddball Times

Every time there’s a school shooting, politicians, pundits, and members of the public question what we should change…

Maybe we should arm the teachers? Err… no, imagine your worst P.E. teacher with a Glock? Terrible idea.

Okay, so maybe we should place body scanners in all schools? Err… no, imagine all the nonce security guards salivating over the student’s body outline.

There have also been a lot of people suggesting that we get rid of semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15. But again, I say no!

Surely there’s a much better way to prevent school shootings, in fact the solution is obvious. A solution that both the students and the NRA will approve of. If we want to stop school shootings we need to get rid of schools.

Guns don’t kill people… schools do.

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