Celebrity Clone Lab: Lee Evans And Fred West

A cartoon of a petri dish with Lee Evans and Fred West inside. By Oddball Times

This week in the Celebrity Clone Lab is stand-up comedian Lee Evans. If you don’t know, he’s the clone of serial killer Fred West! Oddball Times doesn’t have much evidence of this particular celeb cloning as the files were lost, destroyed, or buried somewhere in Gloucester but just take a look at the resemblance; the black hair, the dodgy smile, the South West accent, it’s obvious really.

With such noticeable facial similarities, this particular cloning had to be concealed to keep the public from discovering that all famous (and infamous) people are created in a laboratory, but thankfully for you dear readers, small clues were left here and there.

The first piece of evidence is that when Fred West was arrested and charged in 1994 for his crimes, he sat in “Her Majesty’s Prison” whilst Lee Evans performed “Live At Her Majesty’s Theatre”. Then, when Fred committed suicide in 1995, Lee performed a show called “Live From The West End”: that’s “West” and “End” right there for all to see and yet nobody put two and two together.

Lee Evans’ career as a sweaty, erratic comedian is well documented but few acknowledge that the real reason for Evans’ demeanour and appearance is because he suspects the public are on to him and his clone heritage. They weren’t… until now!

5 thoughts on “Celebrity Clone Lab: Lee Evans And Fred West

  1. In his show “Monsters” one of Lee Evans’ punchlines was “you ever tried not to look like a murderer? It’s fucking hard”…he almost gave himself away!

  2. Lee Evans is definitely not a clone of Fred West. If anything he is a direct clone of Norman Wisdom. Everything is the same about them. Literally no difference apart from their age, fqmilies they grew up with and future. But the career is the exact same. Their features and manarisms are exactly the same. They are the same person no doubt.

  3. I’d like to have been there when they put Ed and Ottis in the lab…Ottis eyeing Ed up for his blood and Ed sizing Ottis up for his skin. The last laugh was to the clone lab who took both blood and skin

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