Harvey Weinstein’s Secret Therapy: What It’s Like Being A Woman

An image of Netta Barzilai alongside Harvey Weinstein showing that they look similar

Shortly after the world discovered that Harvey Weinstein was an alleged sexual harasser, sexual assaulter, and rapist, the man went under the radar and seemingly dropped off the map. There were reports that he was “in treatment” but people are now beginning to ask “what treatment?” and “where?”. Well, we have an exclusive for you folks, Harvey was forced by the Center For Misogyny Reassignment to live as a woman; he was shaved clean, told to wear make-up and a dress, told to pick a female name, and made to sing a song over and over that depicted what his accusers went through.

The therapy went so well that Harvey Weinstein decided to enter the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with this therapeutic and cathartic ditty and would you believe it, he won! The song “Toy” which included the lyrics “I’m not your toy, not your toy, you stupid boy, stupid boy” was performed under his female pseudonym “Netta Barzilai” and I think it’s been a resounding success.

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