If You Go Down In The Woods Today: En Route To The Bilderberg Group

A parody of the Build-A-Bear Workshop logo with masonic symbolism. By Oddball Times

What the masonic hell is going on?!

I made all the necessary preparations to infiltrate this year’s Bilderberg Group Meeting, I took my camera, my placard saying “I’m with Alex Jones“ (I was planning on getting her autograph later, love The One Show on the BBC), I also took some sandwiches and a flask of tea. It took me bloodlines-forever to find the place although parking wasn’t a problem. No flash cars but I thought they might be driven in by chauffeurs later.

The Great Architect who built this place must have known his square from his compass because it was a thing of beauty, mainly glass and very airy. Unexpectedly I had no problem getting past security on my quest to find the Bilderbergers’ meeting room, in fact there were loads of people mulling about although I expect they weren’t part of the 150 invited guests.

Anyhoo, I found it eventually as it was very clearly marked. What surprised me was that the usual protesters weren’t there as I’d seen on TV, instead I saw lots of children being allowed in and no one was getting frisked.

I was there for about an hour when I was approached by a security guard asking me why I was shouting “Down with the Illuminati, they’re not invited to our party!”. I answered him with a question. I asked him why he was guarding the Bilderberg Group meeting when they were making decisions about our future without consulting us, decisions over the heads of all our governments? He looked confused then took me by the arm and said, “I don’t know what you just said madam but I’m sure the Build-A-Bear Workshop has no influence over the government”

I did a double take and found to my dismay that I’d wasted a whole hour outside a bear workshop in the middle of a pissing mall.

Later that day I found a clue as to why my Garmin Sat Nav took me to the wrong location. Have you ever noticed the pyramid symbol above the “N” on their logo? I say that compass is Illuminati controlled! I might try and type in 33 degrees north and see where it takes me.

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