Tie-In Product Idea: John Wick And Air Wick

A parody advert for Air Wick using the character of John Wick holding the air freshener and posing as the Jumpman Logo. By Oddball Times

When a film such as John Wick becomes popular, it’s time to think product tie-ins. There’s no doubt that John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2 were massive hits at the box office, with the first movie netting over $88 million and the second instalment grossing over $171 million. It’s obvious that the next film in the series will be a bigger success and with John Wick: Chapter 3 aka John Wick 3: Parabellum set for a 2019 release, I think it’s time for Summit Entertainment, Thunder Road Pictures, and Lionsgate to consider a tie-in cross-promotion. But what could be marketed using the character of John Wick I hear you ask? Well I think I have the perfect product!

Sometimes I impress myself, and the day I came up with the Air Wick-John Wick product tie-in I patted myself on the back so hard that I sprained my neck, arm, and arse. But when you gaze upon the advertisement mock-up I made, you’ll agree that the short-term pain is nothing when compared to the long-term gain (namely moolah and props for coming up with the greatest product tie-in in movie history).

Keanu Reeves as John Wick posing as Michael Jordan’s Jumpman logo holding an Air Wick air freshener aloft, what could be more simple and effective than that? An ex-hitman kicking butt whilst leaving a fresh lavender scent; perfect for the 30-50 year-old, family-oriented, urban-dwelling, 90’s-reminiscing, cartoon-violence and comic-book-obsessed, Keanu Reeves fan who wants their home to smell like the countryside. If Air Wick wants to target that demographic, just give my idea a try! Those plug-ins will be flying off the shelves like ninja stars.

A billboard mockup of the John Wick Air Wick tie-in advert. By Oddball Times

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