Celebrity Gene Splicing: How They Made Chris Isaak

A cartoon of three pods with Morrissey, Elvis Presley, and Chris Issak's heads in them. By Oddball Times

It’s a known fact that scientists have varied tastes in music. Some of them for example, like to listen to Elvis and some prefer The Smiths. One day after an argument over who is better, a group of experts in the field of Genomics decided to splice the genes of Elvis Presley and Morrissey together in order to create a singer that would please the ears of all those involved.

The end result of this gene-splicing experiment in case you don’t know, is Chris Isaak. Not only does Isaak’s music blend the Rock And Roll-cum-Gospel stylings of Elvis with the downbeat Indie-cum-Jangle Pop of Morrissey, he also bares the quiffy charm of both singers.

Chris’ Torch Song “Wicked Game” was his biggest success and if you listen closely, you can hear the amalgamation of Presley and Morrisey’s musical styles…

Of course after his biggest hit, Chris Isaak moved closer to his Rockabilly side, making songs like “Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing”. It seems that Morrissey’s influence on Chris’ genes isn’t very strong any more, which is a good thing. After all, we don’t want another old, bigoted gammon ranting about immigration, Hitler, and halal meat.

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