Celebrity Clone Lab: Phil Lynott and Craig David

A cartoon of a Petri dish with Phil Lynott and Craig David inside. By Oddball Times

After the phenomenally successful career of Phil Lynott (with and without Thin Lizzy) the scientists at the Celebrity Clone Lab stored Phil’s cells for later use, with the hopes of perhaps creating a similarly successful artist for the noughties’ generation.

The laboratory was very careful with the precious cells as they set about creating the clone. The scientists told us:

“The experiment started on Monday
Took cells out of the freezer on Tuesday
We were making Craig David on Wednesday
And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday
We chilled on Sunday”

At first the scientists thought the experiment had been successful when Craig’s song “Re-Rewind” became a hit in 1999 but unfortunately his career did not flourish like Phil’s.

The scientists later admitted that the experiment wasn’t a success because instead of using the usual Petri dish to form the cultures they used a jar instead. One of the disappointed scientists told us that he had warned the team that there was still whiskey in the jar-o, but they chose to ignore him.

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