The Great British Mix-Up: Paul Hollywood’s Long Lost Brothers

An image of Paul Hollywood as a baby by Oddball Times

Did you know that Paul Hollywood, celebrity chef and judge of The Great British Bake Off, is one of a septuplet? Well it’s true! Paul’s father John who was a bakery proprietor, attempted to inseminate his wife with a baker’s dozen but unfortunately, his multiple birth fell short of its target. In the end, Paul’s mother gave birth to only seven babies but after a mix-up at the Wirral Hospital, Paul’s six brothers were separated at birth and subsequently given to six different families.

So what became of Paul’s brothers I hear you ask? Well after some in-depth research we have found that Paul Hollywood’s siblings are scattered all over the place like breadcrumbs around a toaster. The amazing thing about the Hollywood septuplets is that regardless where they grew-up, they all became bakers!

Like dough at room temperature covered with cling-film, Paul’s brothers were successfully raised in different locations around the globe. Paul Dollywood was raised by a couple from Tennessee, Paul Nollywood was raised by a Nigerian family, and Paul Mollywood was raised by Mormons. There is also Paul Chollywood who was raised in Peru, Paul Hallyuwood who was raised in South Korea, and we can’t forget about Paul Bollywood who was raised in Mumbai and who by the way, has raised his own quintuplet Paul Jollywood, Paul Kollywood, Paul Lollywood, Paul Pollywood, and Paul Tollywood.

So when you’re watching The Great British Bake Off, don’t forget about all the other ‘Woods out there. They’re all chefs too, they just don’t make as much bread as your main man Paul.

An image of Paul Hollywood, Paul Dollywood, Paul Bollywood, and Paul Nollywood. By Oddball Times

☝🏾Here’s a quick visual guide so you can easily spot the different Pauls