Celebrity Clone Lab: Daisy Ridley And Rhys James

A cartoon of a Petri dish with Daisy Ridley and Rhys James inside. By Oddball Times

This week in the Celebrity Clone Lab is actor Daisy Ridley. If you don’t already know, she’s the clone of comedian Rhys James.

Now of course, the mainstream media will tell you that Daisy Ridley is a descendant of landed gentry, the great-niece of a Dad’s Army actor, and the daughter of a banker and a photographer but all that’s a lie. The truth is that as a newborn in the town of Harpenden, when Rhys James was given his HBV, Dtap, Hib, IPV, PCV, and RV vaccines, he was also swabbed as part of an experimental baby-cloning process. A year later (give or take a few days) this sample of DNA was then used to create Daisy. The proof of course, is in the clones’ obvious facial similarities; the flat forehead, the protruding chin, the wall of white teeth, as well as the pair’s April 1991 and April 1992 birthdays. It’s obvious when you know what to look out for!

So next time you’re watching the three new Star Wars films, Murder On The Orient Express or the upcoming Chaos Walking, just put the audio on mute, pause the picture and look closer. And if you’re in a cinema watching one of her films, be sure to tell everyone in the audience that Daisy Ridley is the clone of Rhys James (at the top of your voice of course). That’s a sure-fire way of making friends at the local multiplex!

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