Yorkshire Bank: Being Penny-Wise

Have you tried logging in to Yorkshire Bank lately? The page where you enter your login details features a strange, disconcerting image on the top left hand side, in fact I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere else. After visiting the site a few times I realised what it was; it’s that scene from the film IT, you know, where the projector starts playing up?

A comparison of the Yorkshire Bank login image with the projector scene from IT

Then I realised what Yorkshire Bank was doing, they’re evoking the clown from IT because he’s called “Pennywise” and when you bank with them you should be “wise with your pennies”. Or maybe it’s something to do with the movie’s tagline “You’ll Float Too”. Of course “float” in economics is duplicate money in the banking system during the time between a deposit being made in the recipient’s account and the money being deducted from the sender’s account. Or then again it could just be a photo of a red-headed woman caught in high winds as she stands against some shrubs because you know, that sums-up internet banking. Great work there, design team!

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