Behind The Lyrics: ZEZE By Kodak Black

Kodak Black hiding behind a music stand. By Oddball Times

In Kodak Black’s latest track featuring Travis Scott and Offset, he reveals that he enjoys comic books, that he’s had sex with comedian and presenter Stephen Fry, that he’s a fan of comedian Peter Kay, plus he watches Indian satellite channels and he may even be Jewish! (at least that’s we think he’s saying). But don’t take our word for it, just listen to the chorus to “ZEZE” (between 29 and 49 seconds)…

If we’re not mistaken, the lyrics to the chorus are as follows:

“Pull up a D-Man on Goy”

(Kodak Black whips out a Marvel comic featuring “Demolition Man” aka “D-Man” in front of a “goy”, a non-Jew)

“Looking like I still do Fry”

(Kodak thinks his demeanour is the same as the time he had a sexual encounter with Stephen Fry, star of Blackadder and Jeeves And Wooster)

“Flying private jet with Le Roy”

(Kodak dreams about flying around the world with Paul Le Roy, a fictional DJ who works for Chorley FM)

“It’s that Zee shit, it’s that Zee shit!”

(Kodak Black either enjoys or dislikes the television channel Zee TV)

What a brilliant song! Thanks Kodak for your deep and complex lyrics, we love deciphering them here at Oddball Times. We’d go through the whole track line by line but we don’t have a week to spare.

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