Celebrity Clone Lab: Tim Cook And Paul O’Grady

A cartoon of a Petri dish with Paul O'Grady and Tim Cook inside. By Oddball Times

I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s little to no originality at Apple since Steve Jobs passed in 2011. There’s no more innovation, no more creativity, no more design risks being taken, in fact it’s plain to everybody that Apple has lost its mojo. This may have something to do with the company’s CEO Tim Cook who if you don’t know, is the clone of comedian and presenter Paul O’Grady.

Parallel to Apple’s slow decent into mundanity, Paul O’Grady’s personality has also waned from his brash alter-ego Lily Savage to the dog-obsessed, BBC Radio 2 bloke you see today. Paul’s clone therefore has also been in a state of decline and that has possibly led to the mediocrity we’ve been seeing at Apple.

Back in the 1990s when Paul O’Grady was uproarious and outgoing, maybe his clone Tim Cook was too. Imagine the difference if Tim had been at the helm of Apple back when he too got the itch to dress in drag. If he had, there’d be no dull rehashes such as the iPhone X, XR, XS, XY, and the XWTF, oh no, there’d be much more zhoosh and a lot less shite.

Oi Cook, get some lippy on and put some oomph back into Apple!

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