Celebrity Clone Lab: Ice-T And Peter Dinklage

A cartoon of a Petri dish with Ice-T and Peter Dinklage inside. By Oddball Times

This week in the Celebrity Clone Lab is actor Peter Hayden Dinklage, who if you don’t know, is the clone of rapper Tracy Lauren Marrow (aka Ice-T) just look at the resemblance!

Before living in Crenshaw, Los Angeles, Ice-T was born and raised in New Jersey and that’s where a swab of his DNA was first taken as a precaution. As you may know, becoming famous is pre-planned by the powers that be, so when Ice-T left Jersey, a clone had to be created to fill the void (after all, someone with those facial features had to grow up in New Jersey in order to become a famous actor and go on to star in Three Billboards and Elf).

Whilst in L.A., Ice-T also began to star in movies which wasn’t originally part of the plan. New Jack City, Trespass, Johnny Mnemonic, and Judgement Night should have featured Ice-T’s clone, but Ice fought his corner and won. Maybe it’s all for the best, thanks to Tracy Marrow’s persistence, Peter Dinklage didn’t have to appear in Leprechaun In The Hood. A “thank you” from him is surely in order.

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