Celebrity Gene Splicing: How They Made Leslie Parrish

A cartoon of three pods with Margot Robbie, Lena Heady, and Leslie Parrish's heads in them. By Oddball Times

Leslie Parrish, who starred in the original Manchurian Candidate was made by splicing the genes of Lena Heady and Margot Robbie. I bet you didn’t know that!

Quite unexpectedly, Leslie Parrish turned out much better than her progenitors; she was an activist and environmentalist, she fought against the Vietnam War and for civil rights, she created a television station that pre-empted C-SPAN, she built a solar-powered house with her husband, and she created a wildlife sanctuary. Okay, so Lena Heady appeared in a PETA advert once but starring in the Laconophilia-fest 300 and its sequel cancelled that out.

This exceptional result of gene splicing obviously had to be sent back in time so not to overshadow her geney-siblings and by God did that work. Ask anybody who Lena Heady is and most of them will say queen Cersei from Game Of Thrones, ask people who Margot Robbie is and they’ll probably say Harley Quinn, ask them who Leslie Parrish is however, and most people won’t know. If Parrish appeared in the nude in an overrated movie about a stockbroker, or even hired a body double to walk around nude in an overrated TV show, more people would know who she is. I guess it’s her own fault for not getting her kit off, a sure-fire way for female actors to become famous and the best way to gain male fans.

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