Behind The Lyrics: Needed Time By YXNG Bane

YXNG Bane hiding behind a music stand. By Oddball Times

“Needed Time” is a very unique song by R&B singer YXNG Bane. The song, which is an ode to all things doughy, is from the perspective of a pâtissier. If you’ve ever baked yourself, you’ll know that sometimes your cake batter can split and YXNG Bane tackles this subject without any fear. The track features these lyrics in which Bane talks to his curdling batter:

“You used to come through, come through
When I’d push you’d always pull through
So when did things change?”

The batter then answers:

“You know you made me this way”

Then after rescuing his batter mix, he sings to the head chef, requesting more time to create his desserts:

“How could I give it all if you take from me?
And we ain’t gotta talk, just sway on me
I just need the time, ’cause I’m a pastry chef”

I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a very different kind of song for the R&B genre, but it’s a perfect accompaniment for all you budding chefs out there as you prepare your latest culinary concoction. Just put this song on as you practice your recipes and remember to listen out for the lyrics “I just needed time, ’cause I’m a pastry chef” during the chorus!

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