In A Sticky Situation: Gorilla Tape Advertising Idea

Rope, duct tape, and a knife in a parody advert for Gorilla Tape. By Oddball Times

I’ve come up with another great idea for an advert! This one’s for Gorilla Tape, an adhesive tape manufactured by Gorilla Glue Inc. The concept of my ad is simple; ever noticed how serial killers, rapists, kidnappers and other assorted wrongdoers always use Duck Tape to tie-up their victims? Whether it’s in the news or in the movies, you never see a murderer sticking a Gorilla-branded tape over the mouths or around the wrists of their prey do you? So that’s my idea: Gorilla Tape has to play-up the fact that their sticky tape is never in the hands of evil people… Only Good Guys Use Gorilla Tape!

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