Prince: Telling Little Purple Lies

A cartoon of a map showing Paisley Park and the Prince symbol. By Oddball Times

I made a trip up North and drove to Paisley in Scotland this week. I was looking forward to seeing the colourful people, the see-saw and the pier that I’d heard so much about.

To my disappointment, I found Robertson Park, Kelvingrove Park, Barshaw Park, and although they were all very lovely they weren’t what I was looking for. I even found Pollok Estate and Country Park and Gleniffer Braes Country Park but for the life of me I couldn’t find Paisley Park.

Prince may have gone “Around The World In A Day” but he definitely never visited Paisley. For a sexy little man he told big lies!

2 thoughts on “Prince: Telling Little Purple Lies

  1. Apparently it’s not in Scotland: Paisley Park is in a place called “Your Heart” but I can’t find that on my map either.

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