A New Emperor: News From The Imperial Palace

The Japanese flag with the Death Star in the centre being interviewed by an Oddball Times microphone

After hearing the news that the old Emperor would be abdicating and the new Emperor would be succeeding him in May, I went half way across the globe to see the preparations for the great ceremony.

I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t keen on the last Emperor, what with the double life, the destroying of the Jedi Order and being an all-round menace.

As I booked my ticket I was told that instead of Naboo the ceremony would take place in Japan. How strange.

I arrived on a beautiful Spring day but to my surprise no one else had bothered to wear black cloaks or bring their lightsabers.

Although it took me the best part of a week, as a professional journalist I uncovered that the new Emperor is Crown Prince Naruhito and he’s not from the dark side. Apparently Emperor Palpatine is a fictional character from the mind of George Lucas.

Not only that, but the actual enthronement ceremony isn’t until October! Now I have to justify my expenses (over £1000 on ramen noodles and cuddle cafes).

May the new Era be with you.

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