Review Rewind: Invisible Touch By Genesis

A cartoon of Specky Third Eye listening to Invisible Touch by Genesis

Hello folks, its me again. This time I’ve found a great new band called Genesis. Judging by the group’s name I think they’re a Christian outfit.

I’m reviewing a little known album by them called “Invisible Touch” which also happens to be the title of the first song. It’s a real toe tapper. It’s about a female cyborg who can perform non-invasive heart massages to the extent that the patient doesn’t even feel it. A very weird topic I think you’ll agree.

“Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” is the next song and not any less weird. It’s about someone trying to help a monkey disentangle from a sack of bananas which have somehow landed on his back. He wants to help this monkey and thinks the best time to do it would be after sunset.

“Land Of Confusion” sounds like a political protest song but it is in fact about a group of people trying unsuccessfully to put a fire out wondering if a local Superman impersonator could help. Perhaps he could use his cape?

Side 1 ends with “In Too Deep”. The sound of the album borrows heavily from bands like Mike + The Mechanics. It’s as if they were in the studio with these guys.

Side 2 starts with “Domino”, not one of my favourite songs and it comes in more than one part much like the game. The penultimate song “Throwing It All Away” is about caring for the planet and one man’s battle with litter and not knowing what to do with his rubbish. I’m all for saving the planet but the tone and music here is surely better suited to a love song?

The album finishes with “The Brazilian” which is an instrumental song that interprets the feeling of getting your pubic hair ripped out using hot wax.

Overall this is a great album and a true hidden gem. It is very short though. Maybe they couldn’t afford the studio time? If the drummer and lead singer had laid down the drums and vocals at the same time it would have been a lot more cost effective. That aside, I definitely give this album 7 trumpets 🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺

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