The Incredible Casting Crew: Bella Thorne In A Tiffany Darwish Biopic

A movie poster for a Tiffany Darwish biopic starring Bella Thorne by Oddball Times

Here at Oddball Times we don’t sit on our laurels. We’ve created another brand-spanking new segment for you to enjoy called “The Incredible Casting Crew“. In this section, we will prove to Hollywood that we’re the world’s greatest casting directors (and the best Photoshoppers on the planet)!

Our first pitch to the film industry is a biopic about Tiffany, the ’80s teen singer. The movie would chronicle her rise to fame; her parents’ divorce, singing in a country and western venue, getting signed, touring malls and releasing her multi-platinum debut album which knocked Michael Jackson’s Bad off the top of the charts (what great taste in music those ’80s kids had).

The movie shows how a singer’s career goes into a downward spiral with less fame, less sales, and less money… oh the drama, the tears, the Oscar nominations! The title of this film is Could’ve Been (one of Tiffany’s No.1 singles) and it stars Bella Thorne in the lead role. The poster is a recreation of Tiffany’s debut album (in which she posed similarly to Michael Jackson’s Bad in front of a typical ’80s mall photographer’s backdrop).

So c’mon Hollywood, put this movie into production A.S.A.P. while Bella still looks like ’80s Tiffany. Surely with all the interest in 1980s malls thanks to Stranger Things Season 3, Netflix could get this film made faster than you can sing “I Think We’re Alone Now”.

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