All Work And No Pay Makes Jack’s Bling Dull Bwoy: A Grillz Advertising Idea

An advert for gold teeth featuring Jack Torrance from The Shining. By Oddball Times

Here’s my idea for an an advert promoting Grillz. “Grills” I hear you say, like George Foreman? Of course not silly, I’m referring to Grillz spelled with a “z”, you know, the gold teeth that used to look cool back in the ’90s but now they’re corny as f… well, never mind who wears what and how to spell it, all that matters is my ad, and in this day and age, ad companies love to reference the past so my advertisement will certainly fit in!

Jack Nicholson wearing gold Grillz, that’s the coolest shit I’ve seen since Shelley Duvall sipped lean (another idea for later). The tagline “My Grillz Be Shining” is also a work of genius, if I do say so myself, it will definitely make everyone want to immediately rush out and get their dental moulds taken.

Had he been alive, I’m sure Stanley Kubrick would have approved of my idea, after all, if you’re gonna completely change what Stephen King wrote in his book, at least do it in style yo!

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