Review Rewind: Bad By Michael Jackson

A cartoon of Specky Third Eye listening to Bad by Michael Jackson

Hi there! I was listening to some music in the summer heat and I remembered the time when everyone said that Michael Jackson was Bad. These unfounded accusations went on and on and there were millions of people shouting the same thing. They were chasing Michael down the street screaming and crying whilst his chauffeur did his best to get him away without mowing people down. He even had to have the military running with him (which looked kinda’ cool). This went on for the longest time. People could not wait to hear how Bad he was, and then finally it came out…

On August 31st 1987, it turned out that Michael Jackson was not Bad at all, Bad was great, with songs like “Speed Demon”,“Another Part Of Me”, “Dirty Diana”, and “Smooth Criminal”, the album went 10 times Platinum. Most of these songs were even used the following year in Michael’s film, Moonwalker with added tracks like “Come Together”. Someone who can sing a Beatles song better than the Beatles is a genius in my book (you go Himesh!).

So here it is world, people were wrong and it was proved that Michael Jackson wasn’t bad. Personally when I listen to any Michael Jackson song I agree with Chuck D when he said “Elvis was a hero to most but he never meant shit to me”. Michael Jackson was the only King. All we can do now is listen to what he left us, the rest is just noise.

I give Bad 5 crowns!


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