Celebrity Clone Lab: Isabela Moner And Jenna Coleman

A cartoon of a Petri dish with Isabela Moner and Jenna Coleman inside. By Oddball Times

Blackpool-born Jenna Coleman is most famous for her work in northern soap opera Emmerdale but what many don’t know is that a few years before being cast as Jasmine Thomas, her DNA was sampled and placed in some liquid nitrogen that was cleverly hidden in a jar of Coleman’s Mustard.

Coleman’s genes were supposed to be handed over to a Celebrity Clone Lab scientist at the Cleveland Hotel, Blackpool but due to a bit of miscommunication and some downright imbecility, the sample was instead sent to Cleveland, Ohio.

This colossal blunder caused no end of arguments and several complaints. Scientists from the Clone Lab moaned about this mishap for days and this lead to the sample being code named “Moner” by some dim-witted junior who couldn’t spell. He was fired shortly thereafter.

Upon arrival at the Ohio laboratory, the genes were immediately gestated and the clone eventually became actor Isabela Moner, star of 100 Things To Do Before High School and Dora And The Lost City Of Gold.

So folks, the good news is that if DNA takes a 3657 mile long trip in a Coleman’s mustard jar, it can produce a better actor… but if you want to copy this experiment, make sure you wash out the jar first.

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