Behind The Lyrics: Ring My Bell By Anita Ward

Anita Ward hiding behind a music stand. By Oddball Times

Did you know that Anita Ward’s disco hit “Ring My Bell” is incorrectly titled? If you listen closely, you’ll realise that this song is from the perspective of a sexually frustrated Bell Telephone Company operator.

Upon receiving a call, the operator begins to flirt with her customer:

“I’m glad you’re home, now did you really miss me?”

The operator then offers to turn off the satellite relay dishes so that they can privately engage in a bit of one-to-one phone sex:

“Well lay back and relax, while I put away the dishes (put away the dishes), then you and me can rock a bell”

This was all too much for the U.S. telephone company. The folks in charge of The Bell System didn’t want that sort of reputation for their cosy monopoly so the song title was changed to prevent people calling Mother Bell for lewd and perverted reasons.

This title adjustment worked as planned and the public now think Ward is singing about her erogenous zones but listen to the song once more: Anita is actually singing “You can ring Ma Bell”.

So whip out your ding dong, call AT&T, and ask their customer services department about the origins of this track. After a few hours of shouting your question at an interactive voice response computer, we’re sure you’ll get confirmation of this backstory.

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