A movie poster for a Richplanet thriller starring Keanu Reeves by Oddball Times

This week in our Incredible Casting Crew segment is Beyond The Starship, a semi-fictionalised movie about Richard D. Hall, presenter of Richplanet. Keanu Reeves plays the lead role of Rich Hall; he investigates UFO sightings, fabricated terrorism including 9/11, as well as mind control, and hidden history. The problem is, these “conspiracies” are all linked and anyone who exposes the truth is at risk of being assassinated!

A teaser poster for a film about Richard D. Hall starring Keanu Reeves by Oddball TimesThis movie is an action thriller (think Enemy Of The State with the finale of Arlington Road) and as Hall seeks refuge with his regular guests, they assist him by giving him further top-secret information (picture the scene in JFK when Kevin Costner meets Donald Sutherland).

The film also stars Peter Sarsgaard as Andrew Johnson, Steve Buscemi as Dr. Nick Kollerstrom, Frances McDormand as Dr. Judy Wood, Ray Winstone as Alan Wilson and Clancy Brown as Baram Blackett. As Richard navigates a maze of government cover-ups and state secrets, he may uncover the world’s greatest conspiracy or become another victim of the truth.

In a Hammer Horror or Golan-Globus-esque way, we’ve mocked-up the poster for you all. All we need now is the backing of a Hollywood studio, a script writer, all of these actors to accept their roles, a $300,000,000 budget and possibly Brian De Palma or John McTiernan to direct. Fingers crossed.

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