Remember Remember What We Do In November

A cartoon of a Guy about to be set on fire on Bonfire Night. By Oddball Times

Did you know that celebrations are held all over the world in November? For example…

In Thailand they have a lantern festival where they release thousands of colourful candle-lit lanterns into the sky and along the river as a homage to Buddha.

In India they have a festival of light, when houses, shops and public places are decorated with oil lamps and fireworks are set off, celebrating the victory of good over evil.

In Guatemala, All Saints Day is celebrated with a kite festival. Hundreds of kites are flown over cemeteries on this day.

And what do we in the UK do in November? We burn old clothes stuffed with used stockings to resemble a man from York who failed to blow up an empty building in London. I think we’ve lost the plot!

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