Celebrity Clone Lab: Imogen Poots And Helen Mirren

A cartoon of a Petri dish with Imogen Poots and Helen Mirren inside. By Oddball Times

You can’t keep the truth buried for long folks! We’re almost, nearly, sort of, certain that there’s a Top Secret Celebrity Clone Lab somewhere in the Queen Charlotte’s And Chelsea Hospital in Hammersmith, London. Why do we think that? Well, this is where two of the most famous Hammersmith celebrities were created… or as the official sources say: born.

Helen Mirren (actor) was born at the hospital in July 1945 and her clone Imogen Poots (also actor – very suspicious indeed) was “born” there in June 1989. Judging by the pair’s facial similarities, there’s no doubting who Poot’s progenitor is: Mirren is definitely the Prime Suspect!

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