Snow Delay: A British Christmas Tradition

An image of a room with Christmas lights and a window showing rain outside. By Oddball Times

I love this stuff that falls from above,

As light as air and as white as a dove.

It covers the house, the car, the ground,

Without so much as making a sound.


I love this cold stuff, I’m such a fan,

I can mould it to make a chubby little man.

I can turn it into balls, bricks, a number of things,

I can lie down and make the shape of angel’s wings.


I love this stuff in all the Christmas TV shows,

It’s on Santa’s boots and on Rudolph’s nose.

It’s in Christmas movies, it’s in seasonal advertising,

And seeing it on screen is quite mesmerising.


I love this stuff, on all the festive publications,

There’s depictions of it on my Christmas decorations.

It’s even featured on the nativity next to Mary,

Only trouble is… it doesn’t fall till mid-January.

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