Behind The Lyrics: Blackberry Way By The Move

Roy Wood of The Move hiding behind a music stand. By Oddball Times

Remember the late ’00s and early ’10s when everybody from wannabe business moguls to budding reality stars were clutching a BlackBerry phone, BBM-ing each other like mad? Unfortunately, BlackBerry slowly began to fall out of favour, being replaced by an Apple like Ribena after the sugar tax.

Not a lot of people know that the song “Blackberry Way” by The Move was actually about the decline of the brand. Written in 1968 by a clairvoyant, the lyrics foretold of a time in the future when people abandoned their BlackBerries:

“Goodbye BlackBerry way
I can’t see you, I don’t need you

The second part of the chorus was a reply from the companies’ owners and shareholders:

Goodbye BlackBerry way?
Sure to want me back another day”

The Move’s Roy Wood wrote these prophetic lyrics decades before the BlackBerry even existed, which means he must be some kind of Wizard!

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