Celebrity Clone Lab: Azealia Banks And William Jackson Harper

A cartoon of a Petri dish with Azealia Banks and William Jackson Harper inside. By Oddball Times

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “what happens when a clone is dropped on its head?”, we have the answer! William Jackson Harper’s clone Azealia Banks was dropped 212 times whist being transported from Dallas, Texas to Harlem, New York. The crucible tongs that held onto Azealia’s forehead slipped multiple times due to her being so slimy and that’s probably the reason for her peculiar behaviour. Scientists at the Celebrity Clone Lab are unsure whether it was a frontal lobe injury, a problem with her amygdala or fumes from the polluted Harlem River, but what they do know is Banks is an unstable, highly-strung bigot whose list of beefs is longer than her discography.

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