Celebrity Clone Lab: The Walking Dead Edition

A cartoon of a Petri dish with The Walking Dead logo inside. By Oddball Times

Pay close attention to the cast of The Walking Dead and you’ll notice that some of those folks look kinda familiar. There must be a clone lab somewhere in Georgia because this show is full of them!

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays “Negan” is a clone of actor Javier Bardem…

An image of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem under a microscope

Actor Danai Gurira who plays “Michonne” is a clone of actor Viola Davis…

An image of Danai Gurira and Viola Davis under a microscope

Actor Steven Ogg who plays “Simon” is a clone of actor Billy Bob Thornton…

An image of Steven Ogg and Billy Bob Thornton under a microscope

Actor Alanna Masterson who plays “Tara” is a clone of actor Dakota Johnson…

An image of Alanna Masterson and Dakota Johnson under a microscope

Actor Sarah Wayne Callies who plays “Lori” has an acting clone named Michelle Dockery…

An image of Sarah Wayne Callies and Michelle Dockery under a microscope

Actor Michael Traynor who played “Nicholas” has an acting a clone called Adam Driver…

An image of Michael Traynor and Adam Driver under a microscope

Actor Austin Amelio who plays “Dwight” is a clone of actor Christian Bale…

An image of Austin Amelio and Christian Bale under a microscope

Actor Pollyanna McIntosh who plays “Anne” aka “Jadis” is a clone of actor Frances de la Tour…

An image of Pollyana McIntosh and Frances De La Tour under a microscope

Who’d have thought that a TV show about zombies would contain so many clones?!! What’s next… zombie clones? Sounds like an idea for the next season or another spin-off show. Must dash to copyright this and then who knows, I might be able to move out of this broom cupboard!

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