The Incredible Casting Crew: John Malkovich In One Foot In The Grave Reboot

A poster for a One Foot In The Grave reboot starring John Malkovich by Oddball Times

In our latest Incredible Casting Crew segment, we have another fantastic pitch to the entertainment industry. This time it’s a reboot of the classic 90’s sitcom One Foot In The Grave starring none other than John Malkovich!

Picture it: a grumpy Victor Meldrew played with the same dark, monotone voice of Cyrus The Virus from Con Air or Mitch Leary from In The Line Of Fire. John would bring pathos to the role and he’d bring a new slant when complaining about his neighbours, having a house plant delivered into his toilet, or fertilising garden plants with cocaine.

You may be thinking, “I don’t believe it!”, there’s already been an American remake of One Foot In The Grave, but since it starred Bill Cosby, it’s now been buried under a pile of sexual assault allegations and date rape drugs. What a perfect opportunity for another remake!

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