An image of 6ix9ine with Bungle, Zippy, and George from Rainbow

Here’s another exclusive for you all: the tracklist for 6ix9ine’s upcoming album! OMGz fam, you won’t find this kind of information anywhere else on the internet…

1. Googoo
2. Gaga
3. Duplo
4. Lego
5. Crappo
6. Poopoo
7. Molinabeata
8. Clowno
9. Ratso
10. OutaJailee
11. Asthma
12. Flimflam
13. Year Old
14. My Hypothesis On The Existential Quandary Of Life And Its Meaning (Bonus Track)

“Hot diggity damn dat album gon be fiya” we hear you fans say [sound of air horns]. We say share this track-list with everybody you know and tell everyone about the music genius that is Daniel Hernandez also known as 6ix9ine!

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