Behind The Lyrics: Feel My Needs (Turn Around) By Weiss

Weiss aka Richard Dinsdale hiding behind a music stand. By Oddball Times

“Feel My Needs”, we’re sure you’ll agree, is a very unique song. The track is all about someone visiting an orthopaedic specialist because they think something’s wrong… with their knees of course. The doctor however, sees an issue in the popliteal fossa (the back of the knees).

Listen to the song once more and you’ll hear the patient say “feel my knees” to which the orthopaedic surgeon replies “turn around”.

We’re not sure if this discussion is intentionally repeated over an electronic beat or if the pair are stuck in a time-loop, but there doesn’t seem to be a diagnosis at any point in the song! Maybe it’s time for a second opinion.

2 thoughts on “Behind The Lyrics: Feel My Needs (Turn Around) By Weiss

    1. That’ll be a request for steroid injections…

      “Feel my knees,
      Turn around,
      Fill my knees,
      Turn around”

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