Behind The Lyrics: First Time By M-22 And Medina

M-22 and Medina hiding behind a music stand. By Oddball Times

“First Time” by M-22 and Medina is a very unique pop song because the lyrics involve D.I.Y., a topic seldom found in the charts. The track is from the perspective of a couple, one a seasoned renovator and one who’s never undertaken any home improvements. After restoring their old fireplace surround, the newbie becomes hooked on D.I.Y. and sings…

“You, got me feeling something it’s true, you
You, get me feeling more than I knew, you”

The excited partner then eyes-up other potential renovation jobs around the house. They rush around the property, pointing at potential restoration work and they exclaim…

“If you want me to, we can do it up and, like it was the fire side
No one else will do, we can do it up and, like it was the fire side”

Listen to the song once more and you’ll hear the line “We can do it up and, like it was the fire side!” during the chorus…

So if you’re ever in the mood for sanding and painting, no matter if it’s your first time, put this little ditty on to get you in the decorating mood. You’ll be able to do it all night!

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