Celebrity Clone Lab: Diplo And David Bromstad

A cartoon of a Petri dish with Diplo and David Bromstad inside. By Oddball Times

In case you didn’t realise, DJ and producer Diplo aka Thomas Wesley Pentz is the clone of designer and television personality David Reed Bromstad. In the 1970’s, the Celebrity Clone Lab had three laboratories located in Florida; one in Sarasota County, one in Orange County and one in Miami-Dade. We have no idea which lab created which celebrity but the fact that Diplo attended the University Of Central Florida whereas David Bromstad attended the Ringling College Of Art And Design, we can safely assume that their telepathic clone homing sensors are still active. If you ever see the pair along the I-75 or I-95, please report them to the closest Sunshine State lab. The scientists involved in their cloning have been trying to keep the pair apart for years in case an EDM, electro house, property show is created. Heaven forbid!

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