Celebrity Clone Lab: Jim Van Bebber And Michael Cohen

A cartoon of a Petri dish with Michael Cohen and Jim Van Bebber inside. By Oddball Times

A little known fact is that most geneticists are fans and collectors of micro-budget 80’s action movies. We’re not talking Chuck Norris or Michael Dudikoff, oh no, these scientists have a very niche taste, and it can only be fulfilled with the cheapest, most underground films. This fanaticism sometimes leaks into their work. Proof of this comes when you see disgraced lawyer Michael Cohen; he is not the son of a nurse and surgeon as most online sources will state, but a clone of actor, film maker, writer, director, editor, makeup effects artist, and stunt choreographer Jim Van Bebber. He un-famously starred in the 1988 cult movie Deadbeat At Dawn, a film whose tagline should have been “He quit the gangs. They killed his girl. He became… Michael Cohen”.

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