Travelling Around Boston: A Poetic Tour

A cartoon of a WWII style amphibious vehicle touring boston MA

Oh, how I reminisce of my trip to Boston, recollecting the sights and sounds of the city…

Baked Beans, Cream Pie, The Big Dig… fahk-ya-maadah!

Harvard, M.I.T., J.F.K…. fahk-ya-faadah!

Legal Sea Foods, Red Sox, Fenway Park… fahk-ya-bruddah!

Celtics, Cheers, Salem Witch Trials… fahk-ya-sistah!

Benzino, Bunker Hill, The Tea Party… fahk-ya-graandmaadah!

U.S.S. Constitution, Albert De Salvo… fahk-ya-graandfaadah!

Mark Wahlberg? Fahk-naah, I’m ahf tah Logan Internaaaational!

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