Covid Schmovid: Getting Back To The Old Normal

A cartoon of office cubicles with happy workers

Come on now, all you hesitant people, why are you all scared of getting the COVID vaccine? I’m raring to get out of my house and back to my 2 hour commute to work. I can’t wait not to tell a waiter that my salad had a hair in it and that the glass had the last customer’s lipstick on it. I’m chomping at the bit to see the twenty-fourth or twenty-fifth Marvel movie. I cannot wait to be scanned like a tin of beans at the airport to have my annual two week holiday, why wouldn’t you? The first thing I’ll do when I’ve had my jabs is to experience hopping on the train again and not having to stand 2 metres away from another person. I can now relax as people invade my personal space, and I’ll be free to enjoy their morning breath mixed with their coffee breath once again… oh how I’ve missed that.

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