Behind The Lyrics: Motley Crew By Post Malone

Post Malone hiding behind a music stand. By Oddball Times

Stomach cramps and pre-menstrual tension apparently aren’t a problem for Post Malone, who in his song “Motley Crew” tells us he gets “the calmest periods”. Post lets the listener into his trick to getting a light menstruation, and apparently it’s down to wearing an old-fashioned sanitary belt and resting in an up-market Las Vegas hotel whilst covered in ice cubes.

Posty sings “Count up the bands, sticking out, No rubber band is big enough, Chain is so heavy, can’t pick it up” which describes him wearing a vintage period belt, and the line “Covered in ice, Siberia, I’m at the top of the pyramid” is all about staying at the Luxor hotel trying to relieve his period pain while his BFFs are booked into a 4-star (“Came with the gang, at Marriot”).

Listen to this extremely unique song below and learn how to get your own “calm period” thanks to our diva Post Malone…

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