What A Prat: Travelling To Christopher Pratt’s UK Home

Actor Chris Pratt looking at Christopher Pratts furniture store in Leeds

I’m a big fan of 70’s music and talking raccoons so, as you can imagine, the Guardians Of The Galaxy films are amongst my favourite movies. I’m hyped about the third instalment. Wanting the inside scoop I found, to my surprise, that Chris Pratt had a pad in Leeds, West Yorkshire of all places.

I eagerly packed some lunch and drove to the address. It’s an amazing place but a little exposed for a Hollywood star I thought. There’s no blinds or curtains at the windows and it’s situated near a busy road. He even had his name plastered all over the outside of the building!

As there was no window coverings I could see that Chris had an eclectic taste with an over abundance of furniture in his open planned home with loads and loads of ceiling lights all switched on in the day. Well I figured Chris can afford the electricity bills.

I drove around the back where I saw his huge collection of mid-priced, not-so-stunning cars and knocked on the door. No one answered but there were other people there so I walked in.

It finally clicked. This wasn’t the actor Christopher Michael Pratt’s home. It was Christopher Pratts’ flagship store. Who knew a Hollywood actor owned a furniture shop as well.

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